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How I planned my vacation using ListBook

abril 20, 2011

Versión en español aquí

ListBook is a little app crafted by noidentity, a small development studio in Switzerland, these guys are well known for developing one of the best personal finance apps: Moneybook. Their newest creation does one thing and it does it really well: lists. I know there are tons of lists apps in the AppStore but this is the one I like the most because it has just the right features and an attention to detail with a clean look that I just love.

There’s no much to say about how it works, after all it just makes lists and in a very simple way, what’s interesting is all the uses you can give to an app like this. See, when talking about lists apps most people just thinks about to kinds, to do and shopping lists. I used this app to plan my next weekend vacation and I’ll share how I did it with you.

I love vacationing, every one does, but I mean I really love it, I live for it and usually there’s two kinds of vacations I take, realax ones (on the beach) and what Nydia and I call “cultural” ones. This last kind consist not in resting but rather visiting interesting cities with lots of history, museums, parks and such. I’m a very structured person, I like to organice everything for my vacation especially the “cultural” ones because those involve an itinerary, so normally I organice my vacations with some lists:

  • Pack list
  • To do before trip list
  • Buy before trip list
  • Itinerary
  • Places to visit list
Using ListBook I made my lists, the feature that I love is that you can treat each item in your list as an individual page where you can put more text, for example a note or a description of the item, this is genius and they executed it very well because it all happens in the same field, as organic as writteing in a paper sheet. So here’s how my pack, to do and buy before trip lists look:

Now, how about my places to go list, as you can see I can have a list of places and when I select a specific place I get some useful information about that place, for example the hour they open and close, how much the ticket cost, even a little description or history:

For my itinerary each item on the list is a day and inside each day I get all the details:

Yes, this is a weekend four day only trip and I made all this planning, as I said I’m a very structured person and maybe a little anal retentive.
As you can se this very simple, elegant app has lots of posible uses beyond shopping or to do lists. Now I love de simplicity of the app but there’s some features that as a so called “power user” I would love to have:
  • Of course, Dropbox back up and sync
  • The ability to share list with other devices
  • Send lists by mail
  • Export lists as plain text to iTunes or Dropbox (and very important, the ability to select the Dropbox folder so I can read my lists using the nvALT, Elements, Dropbox set up I have)
  • Would love to have an iPad companion with Dropbox or WiFi sync between the two apps
I’m I asking too much? being a little picky? maybe but I know this little and cheap (just 0.99 cents) app has a lot of potential…
Get it now in the AppStore, here…
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  1. Salvador Medina permalink

    Pegame por preguntón, pinche naco aprende a escribir en inglés…

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